Vintage Wedding Love

Vintage Wedding : A Winter’s Tale of Love

Vintage is an all time favorite theme.. A vintage wedding, of course, is even lovelier. Honestly, how often does a photographer get the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding and an amazing couple while being able to call them friends?

This was that day, when Nicole and Tasos had their wedding, a lovely event that did not stray away much from who they really are. And I’m sure you’ll be able to tell once you get a look of the photos. Every moment was true and wonderful, not to mention fun.

Everything about this wedding was different. The ceremony was held at an amazing, quaint byzantine era church, giving the day an even more vintage feeling. There, friends and family gathered, excited and happy, to share the first look, the first kiss, the first steps of the couple together. 

And then was the reception.. What a party that was.. What a night.. And yet, while the guest were chatting and having their first drinks, I was able to steal the newlyweds for a couple of shots.. Nicole’s smile was really not allowing me to put the camera down.

So after a few snaps outside the church, off the went for Alter Ego LeCafe. Vintage venue, vintage decor, vintage cake, and a DJ that made us time travel through the tunes. Nicole and Tasos made their first appearance and their friends never let them rest.. The music,the drinks, the thoughts, the words everyone wishing them all the best they could think of..

The day was a true celebration of their love.. And as you’ll see, they definitely enjoyed it.

Vendor Credits:

Venue Alter Ego LeCafe Atomique 

Makeup Artist Marinos Aggelidis

Decor My Wedding Christina Bacharaki

Wedding Gown Katerina Saakidou

Groom’s Attire Alter Ego Fashsion

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