Mykonos.. Anna and Chris

Mykonos.. Anna and Chris

Mykonos.. You hear that, do you need much more really? I would dare to say yes.. This most iconic  Greek isle is known for so many things and is not shy when it comes to destination weddings.

Yet sometimes I feel that many focus on its cosmopolitan side and forget the raw beauty of its nature.

And I saw raw because in Mykonos you won’t find rich greens or whatever. The island is known to be dry and steep and yet for me there lies its beauty.

Why am I mumbling over Mykonos? Well, I was happy to go there once again, to capture the wedding day of Anna and Chris. London residents both, they chose Mykonos because it was the quintessential Greek island. Friends from the UK and Northern Greece were happy to join them in the sunshine days before the wedding, having colorful cocktails by the Aegean and prepping the bride and groom for the big day.

The wedding was truly unique as it was at the same time both fun and sentimental. The minimalism of the island suited well the couple – especially the absolutely gorgeous wedding dress Anna had chosen-. The world renown Mykonos vibe was present at the reception where family and friends shared anecdotes and danced till the dance floor was too hot.

For me it was amazing on many levels. Not only because I visited Mykonos again, but also because I met these amazing people and had a splendid time photographing their wedding.

You’d think that’d be enough but there’s another reason this was a special wedding for me. Here was officially the starting point of my team.

My better half and parter in life is now my partner – and working on becoming my better- in work as well. Iren was with me, second shooting this wedding and getting ready for gearing up on her on..

Artographer team is ready for 2018..