Dora & Teo: A lovely wedding by the sea

By the shores of the provincial Alexandroupolis, in a little church was held the wedding of Dora and Teo. Friends, family along with the beautiful natural scene created a wonderful setting for the day. The elegant minimalistic touch of everything was echoing intimacy and the smiles of all who gather to celebrate the day gave out a warmness that heated the already hot summer day. 

All the while the Greek summer graced us with high temperatures on the wedding day, the next day session was left to the whims of the weather. They say rain is a sign of good luck for a marriage.. I would agree and add that it is also a happy “accident”, photography wise, since you rarely have the chance to photograph all the colors in their most vivid moments.

Everything came to a perfect, almost magical, harmony for these two, a couple beaming of love and joy.

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