The following photos has been shot 4,5 and 6 January 2014.


1 2 2b 3 4 IMGL0107 IMGL0107b IMGL0108b IMGL0108c IMGL0108d IMGL0108f IMGL0108g IMGL0108h IMGL0109 IMGL0109b IMGL0109c IMGL0109d IMGL0109e IMGL0110 IMGL0110b IMGL0110c IMGL0110d IMGL0110e IMGL0733 IMGL0740 IMGL0746 IMGL0765 IMGL0766 IMGL0801 IMGL0855 IMGL0873 IMGL0922 IMGL0943 IMGL0943b IMGL1098 IMGL1127 IMGL1211 IMGL1269 IMGL1287 IMGL1349 IMGL1968 IMGL1984 IMGL2028 IMGL2041 IMGL2057 IMGL2268 IMGL2296