The Last Iceland of 2018

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope you all had an awesome time enjoying these festive days!

I haven’t blogged in a while because life and work have been overwhelming these last weeks (months?) not that I’m complaining!

Take this post for example, my last days in Iceland for 2018 with a couple from New York who are now our -crazy adventurous- friends in New York.

Chris and I were talking on Instagram before their elopement and I was getting pumped just by those conversations because I could tell that this wedding would be -simply put- epic.

So one day in November I was driving to Budir to meet Trisha and Chris -finally!

Those of you who have been to Budir know how magical its beauty is – and those who haven’t you probably know the Black Church and I’d say you should definitely put it on the list!

On that morning I met Chris and Trisha in their beautiful wedding attire and we walked to the church with tourist just staring and occasionally wishing them a lifetime of happiness. And while the church was simply beautiful and this couple was straight out of Hollywood the real adventure started after.

Chasing the clock as daylight was a precious and scarce commodity in Icelandic November we made it to the natural bridge for a few snaps (let’s just say it was a bit scary even though Trisha was hardcore to walk it in a wedding dress like it was a run of the mill catwalk).

Kirkjufell was next where, among the many, many tourists we had some gorgeous light and a lot of cold winds. Then we were on the road again cause Vik was waiting for us.

Southeast Iceland is simply iconic and an all time favourite for sure. The Black Sand beach, some secret spots and the Vik basalt lava cave were as beautiful as always and the three legend trolls had us on the crest of the Atlantic waves.

And if you think Seljalandsfoss wasn’t on the list, check the last images and maybe you’ll get a feeling of how crazy, awesome and epic these two were and why I miss them so much!

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