Greek Island Wedding with a twist

What do you normally think when your mind wanders to a Greek island wedding? The white and blue little houses and the quaint scenery are what mainly come to mind.

Samothrace is different in so many ways. Located up north, it stands as a piece of land, raw and rough waiting to be discovered. It’s not a very popular wedding shoot destination, but that makes it even more special.

Vasiliki and Michalis were daring so we went on and boarded the ship that took as the tinny Greek island which holds a breathtaking beauty.

So there we were, men amongst nature, the steep ends and cold waters running and creating the setting for our next day session. It was not an easy task. Waking up just before sunrise and getting on with climbing to reach the clouds. With this couple bravery went hand in hand with love, and that’s how we got our final result.

Everything about this shooting was so amazing and spectacular, that I honestly can’t think of another trip that made such an impression on me. Far from the expected, not your regular, summery, cute Greek island, but rather a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered.

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