Iceland Part II.. Bits and pieces coming together

While powering through all the editing, any spare time I had was spent on the second part of the Nordic photoshoot. The truth is that when I was sorting them, I was perplexed since I wanted to include everything. Just a big ol’ mash up of Iceland.. So after taking some time to figure it out I got this.

This part is full of sunshine.. Three whole days of it -with the obligatory Icelandic darkness of course. I got no specific theme here, just the raw beauty of this awesome island. Pictures that make me relive the experience all over again, making me thankful for my first trip there and rather impatient for the next one..

Hope you all like this..


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  • Jere Satamo

    on 14 May 2017  19:34

    Stunning set! You've found really beautiful locations and successfully used those. And that charming and perfect <3

  • Rebecca from ASH & STONE

    on 15 May 2017  03:01

    OH MY WOW!!!! These are the most incredible images ever! What a magical place to have wedding photos taken - I dream of an Icelandic Wedding like this! Gasping over the iceberg images and the ones taken on the black sand - STUNNING!!! Great work bro!